• The best drugstore beauty products for combination skin

    The best drugstore beauty products for combination skin

    When Really Simple I asked an experienced dermatologist to design the best skin care routine using mostly drugstore products, and it wasn't difficult at all. After all, the aisles are packed with effective yet affordable formulas that produce healthy skin. Layer on one (or two) specialty products that your dermatologist swears by, throw out a few extra items that you think you need (but don't!), and your regimen is complete. ), your regimen is complete.

    Of all the types, skin care is the easiest because there are no chronic conditions to manage (such as acne). "I tell my patients with normal skin to keep their skin care routine basic because their skin will take care of itself. I tell my patients with normal skin to keep their skin care routine basic because their skin works well on its own," said Dr. Michael B. Hoffman, M.D., Ph.

    Your Drugstore Skincare Products

    Cleanser: "You don't even need to wash twice a day," says Heather Rogers, M.D., co-founder of Modern Dermatology , in Seattle. "Your skin acts as a natural barrier, keeping out dirt, pollution and other bad stuff. When people over-cleanse their faces and lather too often, it strips the skin of the good stuff - the oils that keep the skin balanced. In the morning, I just wash with water." However, you need to take the time to cleanse every night. At the end of the day, you don't have to worry about breakouts," she says, "you need to get all that dirt and makeup off your face. Otherwise, the nighttime treatment won't be able to penetrate the skin. Rogers recommends Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser because it's easy to lather and rinse.

    Sunscreen: "I can't stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen every day," says Elizabeth Hale, M.D., co-director of D., co-director of CompleteSkinMD, in Manhattan. "And it's not important to use foundation along with sunscreen. You need to use a different sunscreen product. Since daily application means you go through the bottle quickly, it makes sense to go with a fairly affordable option, and there are plenty. Try L'Oréal Paris Age Perfecting Hydra Nutrition SPF30 Day Lotion .

    Retinoids: Retinoids can help correct skin damage that has already occurred. Many dermatologists agree that topical vitamin A is the best anti-aging ingredient we've ever had. And because normal to combination skin can tolerate this potentially irritating ingredient better than other types, there is a wide range of choices, many of which are inexpensive. One cream that is often cited for its effectiveness and affordability is: ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream , which is intended to be applied before bedtime.

    Cleansing Brush : Rogers and Robyn Gmyrek, M.D., of Union Square Laser Dermatology , in New York City, agree that people, especially those with combination skin, reap great rewards by incorporating a brush into their regular routine. Why? Combination skin has separate personalities, and the regimen outlined in these pages is geared toward the normal half. Deep cleansing the T-zone with a brush twice a week will help ensure that the combination area is not clogged. Next, use the brush on your entire face three times each week to remove dead skin cells. This will keep your skin smooth and pave the way for antioxidants and retinoid products. Try Olay ProfessionalProX Advanced Cleansing System .

    Your Specialty Products

    Antioxidant Serum : Regardless of your skin type, you should use an antioxidant product at least once a day. This is because it is one of the first lines of defense the body uses to fight free radicals caused by environmental assaults such as ultraviolet (UV) light and pollution. Hail. (It's the damage caused by the sun and smog that can cause fine lines and sunspots.) However, not all antioxidant serums are created equal. Unlike cleansers and basic moisturizers, an effective antioxidant serum will probably cost $30 or more. "Antioxidants are expensive and difficult to stabilize," said Dr. David L. Hoffman of the West Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland. "Finding an antioxidant for $10 is not a bargain because it's unlikely to work." Therefore, for this product, you need to get out of the drugstore and fuss online. One formula doctor swears by: SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex, which leaves skin with a slightly frosted finish - good for glow control.

    Moisturizer : "Most women with normal or combination skin don't really need a moisturizing lotion in addition to a moisturizing sunscreen," says Gmyrek. Inexpensive SPF Race Lotion: Aveeno Absolute Ageless Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. the same goes for your nighttime routine. Choosing a richer base retinoid means you won't have to spring for another moisturizing lotion. Exception: During the winter months, an extra layer of moisture may be needed to prevent or stop cracking. In that case, a simple drugstore formula will suffice. Try CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM, which can be applied as needed. Note: If you find that the area under your eyes is also dry, you can safely dab the CeraVe lotion on that area. There is no need to purchase another eye product.